The Cobra



Every once in a few decades, someone or something pushes the perception of normality, Questions the how or why something has to be.  To break a paradigm in an age of uncertainty is a bold move indeed. It’s as much now to stay afloat let along throw away your oars and think there is a better way to get to shore. The music industry has without doubt made significant advances in recent years with the advent of computer technology. Whereas technology has questioned what is possible under the chassis of a product, major manufacturers have played it safe regarding its  shape. The shape of a guitar, the shape of an amplifier has remained unchanged. And why not. it’s a proven shape, it sells. Close your eyes and picture a saxophone stand. Black, metal 3 legs sticking out at the base. IMG_0010bYou’ve got it. That is a saxophone stand. It is what it is because it serves a purpose. Foldable so it can be carried to a gig, Painted black so as not to stand out on a stage, and cheap. John Cook struggles with this paradigm. Owner of SAXRAX stands, the UK based saxophone stand designer wants more. What if a stand was developed that looked good, no, great, without a sax on it.  That had no constraints regarding its shape, weight, material or appearance. Not a stand for something to be put on, but to compliment the saxophone on an equal partnership. A piece of artwork that is as significant as a contemporary sculpture in your display cabinet. Not to blend into the background but to shout out, look at me. It’s a bold move by Mr Cook but I think he has a point. Richard Branson once famously said:  “If you don't make bold moves, the world doesn't move forward.”  This is bold move and I think he will move forward.



In 2003 John Cook attended the NAMM show in LA - USA. He took with him 2 conceptSnapShot0 stands that he and his father had made.  They were very different to what he and other stand makers were exhibiting that year. It was the concept of "home stands". The idea brought a lot of attention to the SAXRAX booth that year and the following years on social media. They were however never put into production due to their high manufacturing cost. The idea stayed with John for years to come, In fact 10 years.  With day to day life of running SAXRAX , additional time to develop more boutique stands was not forthcoming. In 2017 by chance John attended an art gallery exhibiting the works of German /French Artist - Hans Arp. His curiosity to look into the concept of art design and stand making 654was re kindled and once at home he purchased some modelling clay and set to work. After some months the sculpture was finished. The production of the master mould was entrusted to one of the UKs finest sculpture mould makers Neil Longmore. Who has worked with the UKs finest artists including Royal Worcester. 

These stands are fines works of art.  Beautifully hand crafted in the UK. Unlike any other stand ever made.  These will become collectors items in years to come. 

We will not be making these as a stock item. Your order will be "a commission" for John to personally make your stand.  It will then be signed and a letter will accompany your order. Alto stand £620.

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