Welcome to the world of the SAXRAX Stand company. A family run business in the true sence of the word. Every Saxrax stand is individually made in our stand workshop in the UK by one of the 3 generations of the Cook family. Not a mass production facility but using hand tools, dedication to our craft and a commitment to you that each and every stand is made to the highest standard.          

If you are here, then you are serious about your sax. Your not alone. Saxrax design and manufacture saxophone stands to the worlds saxophone elite. If you care about what equipment you use then SAXRAX has the equipment for you. 

Our stands are divided into 4 main product groups and a couple of accessories.

The Tour SeriesThis series covers the standard stand alone saxophone stands for all saxes. These can be purchase singularly, as a double or triple set up.

The Wind synth Series -Covers Ewi and Wx7 and now the Roland Aerophone AE10 

The Sax stick - the revolutionary playing stand for Baritones.

The X Stand --- 

We also from time to time design and manufacture specialist stands for retail and exhibition use.   


We hope you enjoy what we have to offer. Thank you